“Many business owners struggle to grow their companies AND have plenty of time for their families. So we developed a powerful system that teaches them how to train themselves out of the day-to-day so they can have a lucrative business AND a rich family life.”

- Ted (Teriann) & Leigh

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What is #ParentBossLife

Living a Parent Boss Life is being pulled in every direction, not being in control of your life and always having the feeling that you are ‘sucking at every part of your life’.

It’s missing important family milestones when your business needs you and letting your business suffer when your family needs you.

We don’t believe in Work/Life Balance. Trying to make everything 50/50, fair, even and balanced was just an unattainable, stressful dream for us! We would just get everything ‘balanced’ and life would come along and shift everything again!

So, we adopted The Work/Life Pendulum. We focus on you being the pendulum and how you can swing your time, energy and focus backward and forward between your business and your family in a way that works for you. It’s about blending the two and that will look different for everyone and that is ok. Whatever works to get you the business you want, the lifestyle and the time you want, and how to adapt when things change so that the ‘wheels don’t fall off’ in either area!

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The Parent Boss

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