31 Days of Fun! – A Family Christmas Spirit Calendar

Nov 30, 2022 | Relationships, Work Life Balance

Christmas Spirit Calendar Download inside!


Time to have some Christmas Fun Parent Boss!

When you run a business, Christmas can be a really busy time!

It can be hard to find the time, and the enthusiasm for Christmas when you are working your butt off!

But Christmas is a magical time for kidlets and if you have kidlets, you WANT Christmas to be amazing for them.

You might just need some help, and a calendar of events to follow, so that’s easy to make that magic! Right?

Well, here it is!


Christmas Spirit Calendar

Christmas Spirit Calendar


I don’t know what age your littles are, but kids of any age want to have an memorable Christmas.

They are so excited when they are little – it just the best to be a part of.

Ours are now 12,12 & 10 and they still get excited!

And I can’t help but think, THESE are the Christmases that they will really remember. More than when they were younger.

Think back yourself – what age do you have REALLY clear memories? Mine start around 11, so by using a calendar like this each year, this is setting up some traditions that they will remember. And they can use with their own families in the future.

Even for older kids, you can substitute things to include making Christmas puddings or cakes, drinking mulled wine or go out for Christmas Coffee Dates.

Customize this to suit your family. We used a North American calendar as a start, but it has things like make a snowman, snowball fights and ice skating, which don’t work for an Aussie summer!

If you have Christmas in the winter, as beach/pool day isn’t going to work for you! So adjust it to make it your own.

It is all about making life easy for you. Giving you a list of things that you can do together as a family. Building memories with your own Christmas Spirit Calendar.

Happy Beginning of December Parent Bosses! Time for holiday spirit and Christmas Spirit is here! 🙂