Are you a parent boss, who is sick and tired of feeling rushed, stressed, and tired?

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As a parent business owner are you:

  • Physically and mentally exhausted?
  • Drained from trying to do everything for everyone?
  • Missing out on making memories with your kids?
  • So busy that you don’t have time to stop and streamline anything?
  • Worried that everything would collapse without you?
  • Nervous and unsure about delegating work to others?

Hi! we’re Ted & Leigh!
We are Parent Boss Life.

We know how overwhelming it is to have busy and successful businesses while prioritizing family and being present with your kidlets.

We remember what it felt like to start a family while having multiple businesses. We didn’t know where to start!

But after we put our minds to it, we were able to setup our work and life to have the flexibility needed to thrive in both!

Parents for 11 years to 3 kids

Successful business owners for 20 years

Honeymooned for 5 weeks while owning 3 businesses without needing to check in!

Leigh & Ted helped us fine tune our business, increasing our store’s profitability along the way. They provided great support to us and were always offering to lend a helping hand in any way that they could.

Leanne Hosler – Franchisee, Cobs Bread

You deserve to have work life flexibility so you can soak in every memory with your family

As seen in:

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