About Us

The Lowdown

We are 

  • Leigh and Teriann Matheson
  • Parents to 3 little kidlets
  • AusCans – Aussie Canadians living in Geelong, Australia
  • Owners of a retail bakery & an online business
  • Previous Franchisees in 3 franchise systems
  • Previous Franchise trainers for new franchisees and master franchisees




Ted (Teriann) Matheson

Everyone calls me Ted – except my mum!

Some fun facts about me:
I dance in my car at the stop lights with my kidlets rocking along in the back! I call my kidlets ‘kidlets’ because my grandma used to call us that and it made me feel very loved I’m afraid of heights but I’ve skydived, bungy jumped and minjin-swinged to try and conquer it I’m claustrophobic and I haven’t done anything to try and conquer it
I’m a chocolate fiend I need coffee to get me going but any more than 2 and I get a headache I’m guilty of Aussie slang as I talk (sorry in advance guys!) I’m a HGTV addict and Scott McGillivray can renovate for me anytime!
Leigh Matheson
Some fun facts about me:
I love techy things and could spend all day every day in JB Hi Fi I love to travel – an addiction passed on from my parents I love fast cars but haven’t had a speeding ticket in years (probably due to the family minivan!) I’m a baker by trade but hate early mornings…
My wife tells me I have terrible taste in music but everyone knows the 80s Rocked!! I tend to collect things that remind me of events, trips, and occasions to the point that I need a separate room for it all! I love skiing and spending time in the mountains I have a restraining order against Scott McGillivray! Sorry wife!

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