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Hi! we’re Ted & Leigh!

When you started your business, you probably didn’t expect it to take over your life. You dreamed of a balanced life and never imagined that you’d have a hard time giving your family the time and attention they deserve.

We were just as surprised as you are!

But we soon discovered that the feeling of being overwhelmed by business ownership shouldn’t and didn’t need to keep us from being present with our families. It is possible to rock your business while not missing out on special time with your kidlets while they’re still young.

Business owners often put obstacles in their own way and tell themselves that nothing worth having comes easily. They repeat what they hear everyone else say – that running a business is a 24/7 job. What they don’t realize is that working themselves to exhaustion not only takes away from their family time but also makes them less effective at work.

We created systems in our home and businesses so that we never missed an important family moment.




We have over 15 years of experience in building sustainable businesses using processes that work in any business model.
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When we got married, we enjoyed a 5-week European Honeymoon away from our businesses without checking in once!



When our twins were born, then when we found out we were having a third child two years later, we thought for sure we wouldn’t be able to juggle the added responsibilities at home!

We’ll help you create your own systems that will allow you to be fully present in both your business and at home.

A few years ago, we moved back home to Australia and bought a bakery. We were worried that the processes we had developed for a completely different business wouldn’t work. But our nerves were put to rest when our processes worked again!

Building tried and true processes in your business and home is the secret sauce to having a meaningful work-life blend. You’ll be able to rock your business and give your kids the love they need and deserve.

We’ll show you how to stop treading water to keep from drowning and transform your business and your life.

It’s time you enjoyed your business, your kidlets, and your life!

We can help you step into the blessing of being present as a parent and show you how to organize and streamline your business processes. We’ve done it for multiple businesses and we can help you do it too!

Don’t wait! Your new, balanced life is just a phone call away.


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