Are You Being Buried Under Your Parent Boss Life?

Nov 7, 2022 | Stress, Work Life Balance

Buried by our daily life. Is this you?

It’s like that song lyric by Talking Heads: “And you may ask yourself, how did I get here?”

Lots of little steps and lots of little decisions have slowly buried you, one decision at a time and brought you to this busy Parent Boss Life you have today.

So how do you cope with it all?

You wanted this, right? Yet it’s all SO MUCH.

You want it but you don’t. You don’t want the never ending pressure. You want a break from the insurmountable list of things to do.

You DO want time with your loved ones. You DO want the fun stuff of being a boss.

And you DO want time for fun. Time to not be continually ‘on’,

All those little decisions seemed great and a good idea and small at the time.

But put them all together and now it is A LOT to cope with.


Does this story sound like how it happened to you?


There once was a girl.

She loved dogs, so she decided to get a dog. Add caring for an animal, food, water, walks, cuddles to her day.

Then she was offered a business. Sounded awesome. Jumped at the chance. She is now the proud owner of a business that trades 363 days a year and has numerous staff to manage. But she is energetic, so all cool.

Then she meets a guy and he is the one. So they start seeing one another. Add being in a relationship to her day, but its awesome!

He has his own business, so he has his own busy list but they make it work.

But they work a lot, and her dog is lonely, so she gets another dog. Dogs are happy! Now caring for 2 gorgeous pups in her day.

Then they decide to get married and they plan a wedding. Stressful, but a great day!

Then they grab an opportunity to live oversees for a bit and sell businesses, ship dogs to Canada and have an adventure.

Then they buy another business over there that trades 363 days a year (slow learners apparently!) and run that.

Then twins come along. And then another kidlet.

And one day they look at one another and realise that:

They have a spouse to think about and consider and love.

Kidlets that are their life and need them, as they are little.

They have a very busy, and always open business to deal with, that has staff.

They have 2 dogs that need attention and care.

They have a house to look after.

Sound familiar?


They have a BIG life now and they were beginning to be buried under it. It can be a lot to handle.


There is not really any decisions in there that are out of the ordinary, save maybe moving to another country.

It is a societal walk through life, if you will, that you get a job/business, you get married, you have kids, & you build a life.

So why are so many people struggling to make this life work, while not feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

How did your life get so far away from you being just that girl (or boy) that only had yourself to think about?


We all want this, but are we actually ENJOYING this?


When Leigh and I looked at one another and asked that question back then, the answer was no.

We decided that we needed some space to actually enjoy our life and started putting things in place to do just that.

Bookkeepers to help with our business paperwork.

Staff to train other staff, so we didnt have to do it all.

Staff to help with business ordering, so we could be free from that.

A cleaner at home.

Someone to cut our lawn.

Someone to do wash our bedding and our linens, so we didn’t have to wrestle with the big stuff.

Meals that got delivered.

Anything and everything that could take the pressure off and give us space for fun. Space to actually ENJOY our life. Not just exist in it.


And that is what we want for you Parent Bosses.


A life you enjoy. Time for connection and fun with your loved ones. A business that gives you benefit without you having to do it all.

Ways to take the pressure off, so you can breathe.

A way to dig yourself out of being buried under all your responsibilities, even when you love them!

If you are asking yourself, “How did I get here?”, then something needs to change.

And we can help you with that.


We have an upcoming 3 day Parent Boss Life Challenge, where in just those 3 days, you will get:


More connection with your spouse and you will be working together as a team to manage your Parent Boss Life.

You will take a task that you HATE off your plate and spending time doing a little happy dance that you no longer have to do this!

You will see how you can pay to have the help on an ongoing basis without adding financial pressure to you or your business.

You will be well rewarded for the investment of your time here Parent Bosses, and as business owners, we all know and look for ROI.

You’ll get it with this 3 Day Challenge. Break free from being buried by your Parent Boss Life now.

Sign up here and enjoy your life again.