Are You Killing Yourself Trying to Make Work Life Balance Work?

May 27, 2022 | Stress, Work Life Balance

Are you killing yourself trying to make Work Life Balance work?

I hear you. My husband, Leigh, and I would try to do this for years.

So the reason that Work Life Balance does not last long term is because it only works if things don’t change.

And we know that in life, things always change.

Kids get sick, team members leave your business, you might have an elderly parent that you are looking after, who has a fall, you yourself might get sick or be in an accident, you might be coming up to a busy time in your business, like Christmas or Easter, that requires you to be in your business more.

Things change all the time and if you have got balance based on things being a certain way, as soon as those things change, you’re out of balance.

So we knew that 2 things were not going to change – our business and our personal life. And we had to find a way that we could move backwards and forwards between the two, in a way that felt good, not stressed, and not rushed, and that is when we realised that Work Life is really more like a pendulum, than it is a balance.

So that is how we adopted the Work Life Pendulum.

So what is the Work Life Pendulum?

You have your business and you have your life and you are the constant that goes backwards and forwards between the two.

And for us, the stress would come if you were stuck on 1 side and you could see the wheels falling off on the other side.

Like we would lose team members in our business and we would have to work more.

But over on the family side, we were being crappy parents. We hadn’t had time to go shopping, so our kids were eating take out, the house was dirty, it was a mess, we hadn’t done laundry, so no one had clean underwear, and we hadn’t mowed the lawn in god knows how long.

All of that pressure we were putting on ourselves, because we weren’t being the parents that we wanted to be meant that we felt crappy about the state of things.

Or things could be happening over on the life side and all of a sudden, your little one is sick, or you yourself become sick or someone that you care about like a parent for example has a fall or has a heart attack or has some medical issue that you have to help take care of and it takes you away from your business.

And then you start to feel pressure over here, because your customers are not being served the same as what they would if you were in there. That results in less sales, that has less profitability, then all of a sudden you start to feel financial pressure.

It’s the stress from seeing things happen on the other side, but you can’t get there to make the pressure go away.

So when we talk about the Work Life Pendulum, what we do is we start to put things in place to take that pressure off.

So that is what the Work Life Pendulum is. It’s setting up systems in both your business and your home, so that you can be in one side and focus on that side and feel guilt free about spending time on that side because you know that things are happening and are taken care of on the other side.

So that is what Parent Boss Life is built around – this core foundation of the Work Life Pendulum.

Our mastermind is a 90 day sprint where we walk alongside you to implement this Work Life Pendulum in your Parent Boss Life.

So that is why Work Life Balance in the traditional sense of 50/50 balance and equal on both sides does not work long term.

That is why you should be adopting the Work Life Pendulum in your Parent Boss Life.

And that is why you should click the link on our website,, to get information about the mastermind, so that you can adopt the Work Life Pendulum in your life!

Thanks everyone.