Can You Trust a New Mastermind to Deliver What it Says it Will?

Jun 8, 2022 | Business, Relationships, Work Life Balance

You are looking for support in your Parent Boss Life.

You’d like to work with us, but you have a concern.

Our Mastermind is new, so will it really deliver like we say it will?


Mastermind Parent Boss Life

You’re not sure if this is the right move for you or not.


Here is an honest breakdown of what it’s all about and how it works.

By the end you will have the details you need to make a decision for yourself.

Leigh and I have been business owners for over 20 years and parents for 12. (At time of writing.)

Together, we’ve trained hundreds of staff for ourselves and numerous business owners, who are new and going into their first business.

Collectively, we have owned bakeries, a juice bar and a photo booth business in 2 different countries.

To say we know the stresses, the frustrations and the oh-so-good moments that being a Parent Boss can bring is an understatement!

So now, we have put all that we know into an online Mastermind.


We focus on:
  • Profitable business ownership
  • Getting time and flexibility in your work life
  • Connected relationships with your loved ones
  • A work life blend that fits your family.

But running this course is new for us. So,

“Can you trust our Mastermind to deliver what we say it will?”

Joining our Mastermind may or may not be for you.


We will be a good fit if:
  • You are looking for a smaller mastermind.
  • Where you don’t get lost in the crowds of people on the calls or in the Facebook group.
  • You can actually have a hot seat each week for 1:1 coaching for your business.


However, we may not be for you if:
  • You think we have not been doing this coaching style long enough for you.
  • We may not have had enough clients to give you hundreds of reviews. You may need to see these to provide you comfort to consider us.
  • You might not feel like you can trust us to make the changes in your Parent Boss Life like we say we can do.


Let’s go through the pros and cons to see if joining our Mastermind is the right step for you.


Mastermind Parent Boss Life

All these benefits are amazing!

1) We only take six couples maximum at a time. So you are guaranteed lots of 1:1 time for us to get to know your Parent Boss Life.

We know this is a great benefit.

We’ve experienced Masterminds before, where we were one of many.  Getting any ‘face time’ with the course leader was virtually impossible.

They had a team to help them because the membership was so high (good on them). We would always deal with the team, not the leader themselves. It felt a bit like a bait and switch.

They were around for monthly calls but would only take 2-3 questions per call that had to be pre-submitted. That meant we didn’t get to ask them personally or interact with them as they answered.

So that is why we want to do things differently.

With only six groups per time, there is heaps of time on our calls to talk to us directly. You have time to ask your questions to us. And for us to be able to dial down on your business, so that you get results.


2) This is designed to be done as a couple.

We are a couple, working together in our family business. This is designed for people also working together in their family business.

Family is defined by what family means to you. A man and woman like us. A same sex couple. A single parent and their support person, like their parents, who help out a lot. Anyone who lives with you and who runs your business with you.

It could work for siblings working in a business. They generally won’t live together though, so it can be hard to apply some of the things on the Life side that we talk about. It could however work.

The reason we do this as a couple is to have you guys working as a team in this Parent Boss Life. To share the mental load. To have greater connection as a couple, so that your relationship stays strong in a very busy life.

Not many courses out there allow for 2 people at a time to do it, but that is where we are different. We believe your strength comes from working as a team, so it only makes sense to do this together.


3) We are running introductory pricing for the first few times we run this.

Being business owners, we are all about ROI.

When we priced this Mastermind, we didn’t want to be the cheapest or the most expensive.

Leigh & I wanted it to be costly enough that you would do the work so that you weren’t ‘wasting that kind of money.’

We believe society often takes free or low-value things for granted.

Our thought was that charging $1000 per month is an amount that is a lot for some businesses, so that will make you take your membership in our Mastermind seriously.

We wanted you to decide you would show up and get the best return you could, so your time and money are returning a value.

But, while we have been helping business owners for years as part of our business journey, helping them in this format is new for us.

And we recognise that if there might be glitches or growing pains or links that don’t work. You shouldn’t have to pay full price while we work those out.

With our introductory pricing, we are rewarding you for being one of the first to take this journey with us. Therefore we have reduced the price to reflect ‘our newness.’


4)  We own a business with staff that we manage daily, so you will learn from people walking the talk, not just someone teaching theory.

We own a retail bakery in a small town outside Geelong, Australia.

This is the 6th business that we have owned, having been business owners separately and together, for the last 20+ years. Ted bought her 1st business in 2001 and Leigh in 2002. (Wow, that’s a long time ago! J )

At the time of writing in our current bakery, we have 24 staff, and we trade seven days a week (except on public holidays). We have bakers in the store from 1 am, to sales staff there to 6:30 pm. Our store runs for 17 hours per day. There is always a lot going on.

The point that should reassure you about this is that we can completely understand how it can be challenging to blend work and life.  Especially with a business that ‘runs’ so many hours of the day and week.

We are never really ‘off.’

The fact that we own and run such an all-encompassing business makes us doubly aware of the time we spend with our family.

It is so easy to get swallowed up by the business. We get it if that happens to you too.

Take heart from the fact that:

  •  While our Mastermind might be new, blending parenthood and business ownership is not.
  • Training staff to get ourselves out of the business’s day-to-day running is not.
  • Consciously spending time as a family, making memories, rituals, and having fun together is not.
  • Coaching other business owners is not.

You can trust that we know what we are doing and talking about.


5) Our training videos are made in short, easy to digest chunks. Because we recognize you are busy and have limited time.

As Parent Bosses ourselves, we know you live a maxed-out life.

That is why you are looking to get more control over your time in the first place! Finding a spare hour to sit down and watch a weekly training video will be impossible for some.

Therefore, our videos are around 5 minutes long or less. You can watch them while you wait for your kidlet to finish soccer. Or you can watch it during a quick lunch break. Or watch one or two when everyone is finally in bed, and you get a minute to yourself.

Our Mastermind will fit into your life because we are living your life.


Mastermind Parent Boss Life

These points might not be the best for you.

1) Everyone who starts a new venture discovers bugs, even when they’ve tested everything.

Being one of our first participants could be frustrating.

If links don’t work, or we have a glitch with a video, that could impact how you feel about the Mastermind.

It might not appear professional to you or like it’s being led by an expert who knows what they are doing.

You can rest assured that if you find a problem, you can bring it to our attention, and we will fix it straight away.

We may not be 100% perfect (really, who is), but you can believe that we will be 100% proactive in fixing any issues.

It is important to us that you have the best experience in our Mastermind possible.


2) The lack of reviews for this Mastermind could concern you.

Leigh & I are being very upfront and open about the fact that this will be some of the first times that we have run this Mastermind.

However, this is definitely NOT the first time we have run businesses. We have trained staff, trained business owners, and completely changed how a business is run to be more family-focused for the owners.

We can give you plenty of names of people we have worked with who can tell you what it is like to work with us.

You can also talk to some of our staff about what it is like to work for us.

We don’t work FT in the business and use procedures to govern our business’s day-to-day running, so they can tell you what that is like too.

You can walk into our business tomorrow and judge for yourself if it is run well.

Together we just haven’t done it many times in this format before. And again, for some, you might not be prepared to take a risk on us to move the needle for you.

Money back guarantee.

Our money-back guarantee can make you feel more comfortable about this.

But rest assured, we will get a result for you, your business and your family. As business owners ourselves, it is all about the results and the ROI.

We won’t be associated with a business that doesn’t deliver on that.


Mastermind Parent Boss Life

Call now and let’s chat. Get to know us, we’ll get to know you and we can see if this is a good fit.


Now, if you have read this far, then you KNOW that this program can help you.

Book a call with us.

Speak with us in person, get to know us, and see why joining our Mastermind is the right step for you.

Your family and your business need you to do this.

Click the link here.

Still want some more information on the mastermind? Click here for our post about how it all works.