COVID Isolation: A Week of Mental Tug of War!

May 27, 2022 | Stress

So probably like the majority of the population, at some point, we are in 7 days isolation due to having positive COVID results in the house.

This is our second week of iso. Two of us had it last time. Two of us have it this time. One of us has escaped by the hair of their chinny, chin chin, and who knows when and if they will get it!

So, you’d think with a week of doing very little in front of us, that we’d be excited!

How often have we wanted a week to do nothing as a Parent Boss?!

That fantasy didn’t have the kids stuck in the house with us for the week, but still, a week of doing very little!

So, why am I having a mental tug of war? There are two voices in my head this week, and they’re having a great time arguing:

Voice 1: I can sleep in as long as I want.

Voice 2: God, it’s 9am and I’m still in bed. Do you know how much you could have gotten done by now if you got your ass out of bed?!

Voice 1: Rack off – everyone else is sleeping in, so why the hell can’t I?!!

 Our cleaner isn’t allowed in our house because of iso, so things haven’t been cleaned:

Voice 1: It will all survive until they can come back in. I’m not doing it.

Voice 2: It won’t kill you to clean everything this time, you know.

Voice 1: Yes, it will!!!

Thought: There is decluttering that I can get stuck into. The kid’s bathroom, our office area, the garage:

Voice 1: I have so much time this week to do that. I can do it anytime.

Voice 2: It’s already Tuesday afternoon. Time is flying! Don’t think, just do it!

Voice 1: You can’t take it to the op shop anyway cos you’re in iso. It will only create piles everywhere you can’t do anything with, so don’t worry about it. Break out a book instead!

Thought: I can work out in our garage and spend some time in the kitchen making healthy meals for the week:

Voice 1: You’re recovering from an illness. You might have long COVID. Don’t stress yourself. Just rest. And a little treat is not going to kill you, you know. (wink)

Voice 2: The weights machine is literally RIGHT THERE. The punching bag is literally RIGHT THERE. Get your ever-expanding size 16 butt out there and do at least 10 minutes!

Voice 1: Screw that! Just grab a coffee and a book and chill. You can start worrying about your weight and workouts when life gets back to normal.

 I can spend lots of quality 1:1 time with the kids and do some fun stuff:

Voice 1: They want to watch Netflix and YouTube anyway, so let them. This is how they want to spend their recovery time, so let them.

Voice 2: Turn off the electronics! Play games with them! Get them out in the garage and work out with them! Have a dance party with them! Cook with them! Anything – just get your lazy butt up off the couch and organise something!

Voice 1: But they’re so quiet! I don’t see them for hours! I’ve just watched 4 episodes of 9-1-1 all by myself!

 I can finally start writing my book, something that I’ve wanted to do for ages.

Voice 1: Just sketch a rough outline. You won’t be able to really concentrate anyway with everyone here. Whatever you get done will be fine. Nothing is also good. (wink)

Voice 2: Get working on your mind map and concepts. You actually manifested this week for this book, you know! (I asked the universe for a week to write my book. I didn’t get it done on our first week, so it gave me another one!) Don’t waste this time!

Voice 1: Am I really an author anyway…?? Better to just get a book and read one and tackle this when the kids go back to school!

So why am I sharing this with you?

Because you are probably in or have been in iso yourself.

As doers, it can be tough to stop doing and give ourselves a rest.

Whether these things get done or not, the world will continue to turn tomorrow and in 7 days when we get out of iso.

Will I regret not having more done by the time we get out? Maybe.

Will I regret not taking the chance to rest when I had it? Maybe.

All I know is that I want to shut those 2 voices up. I want to just be. And I need what I get done to be okay. And that is what this blog is about.

This is your permission to do everything, nothing, or some. Whatever you get done or not done is just fine.

We are living through unprecedented times Parent Bosses, so just do whatever you feel is right.

Tell those 2 voices to go argue somewhere else and leave you alone!