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Balance. It’s a much talked about concept for parentpreneurs.

I am always extremely interested in finding out how successful entrepreneurs balance business and family.

Can anyone really be successful in BOTH areas of their lives, or does one suffer at the cost of the other?

Today I am bringing you a group of quotes from successful entrepreneurs, who give their opinion on how they make business and family work.


SHERYL SANDBERG: Author of “Lean In” and COO of Facebook.

Sheryl is well known for quotes on work-life balance. She has been known to say that there is no such thing as balance and guilt management is extremely important for working mothers. This quote shows that guilt management is important for anyone when you feel like you are ‘going against what is expected.  The cool thing about being an entrepreneur is the ability to be able to move things around to suit you without asking a boss.



RICHARD BRANSON: Founder of Virgin Companies, Author of “Screw it, Just do it” and many other business books.

Richard’s absolute zest for life is well known and it is a huge part of how he operates his business. He is all about taking care of the people in his business, having fun, and pushing the boundaries of what is accepted and expected. He has been married for many years, has 2 kids he appears really close with and he hosts heaps of friends, family, and colleagues on his island, Necker. He is making sure that he is living life to the fullest in all areas.



STEVE JOBS: 1955 – 2011, Co-founder, Chairman & CEO of Apple Inc.

This is a really powerful quote considering that Steve Jobs is no longer with us. I know as an entrepreneur myself, I am always putting off things like taking a stand up paddleboard lesson (I have wanted to do this for 2 years now!), or booking an RV holiday around the Rockies in summer (I have wanted to do that for 8 years now!) because I am always looking to work more, or do another event, or do it ‘after’ I finish building an online product. One of the reasons for this post is to remind myself and other entrepreneurs out there that time is the ONE THING that we cannot trade for money, or get on demand. A kick in the pants, huh?!



WALT DISNEY: 1901-1966, Co-founder of The Walt Disney Company.

I love this quote. It works for a man or woman. When we are so passionate about our businesses, we assume that our family will always ‘ be there’ when we get it to the level that we want, because part of the reason that we are pushing so hard, is to provide an amazing life for them, right? Yet when a man, whose focus was to build the happiest place on earth for everyone, ESPECIALLY FAMILIES, says this, you gotta take a minute to go, hmmmm, am I neglecting my family?


Elizabeth Gilbert - Less on my plate quote

ELIZABETH GILBERT: Author “Eat, Pray, Love” and 4 other books

I also love this quote! I feel exactly the same way. Having the ‘mental space’ to take a minute to breathe, to let all the thoughts and ‘to do’ lists actually filter through your brain and be processed, makes me much clearer, and focused and less irritable. The constant interruptions of kids when I am working and work when I am with my kids can really make me feel stressed, overwhelmed and like I am doing a lot of things poorly. When there is less on my place, I am a better person, that is for sure, cos my brain can keep up with everything, lol!


And there you have it. 5 different entrepreneurs, all different in their own way. All telling us that the concept of balance that is exactly 50-50 is not real and that the key to having a full life is to find what balance MEANS to you & how that blend of work and family WORKS for you.

Something to ponder on this Saturday morning!

Big hugs my fellow ParentBosses!

Ted xo

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