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When you became a business owner, you were excited for your future. You dreamed of doing work you love and taking charge of your life.

But no one told you about all the stuff that comes with running a business. Things like hiring and training staff, bookkeeping, tax administration, red tape, business permits…it’s a never ending to do list!

Before you know it, you’re drowning in work. And, as a parent, with all the demands at home things just keep piling up. Pretty soon, you’re exhausted, frustrated, and you feel like you aren’t giving your kids enough of you.

You’re faced with a choice: you can create the life you dreamed of or miss out on what’s truly important.

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Wealth isn’t just money in the bank or a shiny new car in the driveway. True wealth comes from living an abundant, fulfilled life. A life where you experience joy every day and spend special moments with loved ones.

Imagine life as a business owner where you spend less time working, yet your business still thrives.

Visualize yourself soaking up cherished time with your children, spouse, and loved ones creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Is this too good to be true?

For most people it is. But we aren’t most people, and neither are you!

Before we left for our honeymoon, we set up our businesses to run without needing us to check in for 5 weeks! When was the last time you had 5 weeks off?

Later, when we had kids, we set up our businesses to allow us to enjoy being parents without being overrun by work.

And we can show you how to Live a Parent Boss Life™ too!

Live a Parent Boss Life™ is a community of parent business owners who know that now is the time to make necessary changes.

Kids grow up fast. Don’t miss out on those crucial years with your children.

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Do you feel like you’re in a never-ending race on a hamster wheel?

Are you struggling to make it all work by logging long hours and working harder, but not getting anywhere?

Sure, you can survive on the hamster wheel, but you’ll burn out and feel empty inside.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, and time has slipped away.

Enjoy both your kids and your business.

Right-size your efforts to balance your business and personal life.

Parent Boss Life™ is a strategic way of blending business and parenthood. Your life and business will never be the same.

Join Live Your Best Parent Boss Life™

We’ve created an educational mentoring program for parent business owners to create business success while putting themselves and their family first. We’ll teach you a whole new way of achieving your own, personalized work-life blend.

  • Make your business work for you and your loved ones
  • Run a successful, thriving business?
  • Enjoy time with your kids and family
  • Feel energized, not burnt out?
  • Share special moments and create memories with loved ones
  • Experience the support of the Parent Boss Life™ community

Meet your Guides – Ted & Leigh

This is your time.

Now is the moment to take charge of your life and blend business success with parenthood.

We’ll show you how we were able to enjoy a 5-week honeymoon without having to check in with our multiple businesses.

We’ll teach you how we were able to replicate this success when new kids arrived, and business realities changed.

We’ll help you create effective processes, customized to you, to create balance you’ve only dreamed of.

We’ll walk with you – side by side – as you create your ideal work-life blend!

Live Your Best Parent Boss Life™

Combines the convenience of online learning with an inspirational, motivational support community to give you the information and encouragement your need.


Easy Access Online Educational Videos

  • Adopt a Parent Boss Life mindset
  • Create a balanced-life strategy
  • Develop systems and procedures to create your new reality
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Support Community

  • Facebook group to post questions and get answers
  • Support and inspiration from other parent business owners
  • Celebrate success and get the applause you deserve

Live Virtual Coaching/Mentoring Sessions

  • Weekly sessions with Ted and Leigh
  • Personalized guidance and advice
  • Solutions to blast through roadblocks

Leigh & Ted helped us fine tune our business, increasing our store’s profitability along the way. They provided great support to us and were always offering to lend a helping hand in any way that they could.

Leanne Hosler – Franchisee, Cobs Bread

Leigh & Ted helped us fine tune our business, increasing our store’s profitability along the way. They provided great support to us and were always offering to lend a helping hand in any way that they could.

Leanne Hosler – Franchisee, Cobs Bread

What You’ll Learn


How to Hire the Right People


Develop Effective
Staff Training


Right-size your
Home Tasks


Create Mindfulness with Your family

Live Your Best Parent Boss Life™

3 Months of Training and Support
  • Weekly videos to learn new strategies and skills
  • Coaching/mentoring to shift mindset
  • Weekly Q&A sessions to answer questions and support you
  • Private Facebook group to support and connect Parent Bosses
  • Parent Boss resource library available 24/7
  • Personal access to Ted & Leigh

Many business owners struggle to grow their companies AND have plenty of time for their families. So we developed a powerful system that teaches them how to train themselves out of the day-to-day so they can have a lucrative business AND a rich family life.

– Ted & Leigh

Live Your Parent Boss Life™

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