Which is the best Business Support for Parent Bosses?

Jul 6, 2022 | Business, Relationships, Stress, Work Life Balance

Business Support – an honest comparison between our Parent Boss Life Mastermind vs Mum groups vs Business Coaching.


Are you looking for some business support but aren’t sure what is the right type for you?

As Parent Bosses ourselves, we know that running a business can be stressful and at times, lonely.

There are a lot of moving parts to take care of every day. Having a community of like minded people to discuss things and share ideas with can help you through the tough times.

So much has happened over the last few years, and running a business in Australia through these times – fires/floods/COVID/inflation -to name just a few things, has been some of the toughest we have faced in our 20+ years of being business owners.


Parent Bosses or Parentpreneurs, all around the globe are looking for support, as they face the daily struggle of balancing their family with their business.


stressed working mum

It can be so hard to juggle running a business with a family that needs you.


This article speaks to different ParentPreneurs from around the world sharing their struggles and their search for support.


Referencing that article and in talking to other business owners that we know, here is what Parent Bosses are looking for:


  • A place to speak freely about what they are going through.
  • A community where they can feel safe to share their struggles and their frustrations without judgement.
  • Mentors who can relate, as they are facing those challenges themselves in their own business.

So where can you find that group of people to support you?


In this blog we’ve made it our goal to educate Parent Bosses on some options open to them to find this support.


We will go through the differences between a Mumpreneur Business Group, coaches who offer Business Coaching and our “Live your Parent Boss Life” Mastermind to help you choose the best option for your business and your family.

We’re going to give you a breakdown of the key differences between the three and by the end, you should have an understanding of how each works, the investment needed for each, how much customized coaching is available to you, the community size and which one, if any, is a good choice for you.

Let’s get started.




Mumpreneur Groups:


Mumpreneur Group

Mumpreneur groups can have great communities and be a good place to find support.


There are great communities of Mumpreneurs in Australia.

https://ausmumpreneur.com  Is the number 1 Mumpreneur Group in Australia. They have conferences (babies welcome), workshops and retreats.

Here is the blurb from their FB page:

We are the peak body for the Australian Mumpreneur Industry
Our newsletter is sent to 60 000+ Australian mums
We publish a quarterly online magazine read by over 110 000 people
We have a strong social media presence with a combined audience of 30 000+ women
We host the annual AusMumpreneur Awards and Conferences, Australia’s leading events for Mums In Business
We love what we do!
No cost to join. There is a cost to join Ausmumpreneur workshops, conferences and retreats.

Here are some others. https://rewomen.com.au and https://businesswomenaustralia.com.au


Many other Mumpreneur groups are FB based, so you can connect with mums all over Australia. Or the world if that is your preference.

They often have large communities, so your chances of connecting with someone who has a similar business to you is high.


Business Coaching:


Business coaching

1:1 coaching with a business coach can get great results in your business.


There are coaches that have built names for themselves in this space that you may want to consider working with. There is also a well known franchise, ACTIONCoach, if you prefer a franchise option.

Some work 1:1, so their focus is 100% on you. Others have group programs available.


Here are links to some well known Australian business coaches.  https://kerwinrae.com

or https://www.justinherald.com or https://www.actioncoach.com/free-business-coaching/


They can really do a deep dive on your business and find areas to decrease costs, increase sales & profits, and can streamline operations.

Many business coaches have business experience and this is their business, so you are connecting with another business owner to discuss ideas.


By taking this approach, you focus solely on your business – you look to get more time, a better run business and more money. Once this is set up, then you have more time to spend with your family or doing what you want. Some people may find this the best approach for them. One focus – work. Get the result. Then spend time with loved ones.


Costs for this type of coaching vary. Kerwin Rae has a free group coaching program and options for more in-depth coaching.

Justin Herald has a junior entrepreneur program for $79, staff training for $99 per person and higher priced mentoring to work with Justin directly.

ACTIONCoach also has a free option with webinars, moving all the way up to 1:1 coaching, with 4 different levels offered. No pricing information was available on their site without filling in a form.


There are also many other companies that offer business coaching, so your best bet here may be to do a search and also ask for references from your business community.


Our “Live Your Parent Boss Life” Mastermind:


Business Support Victoria

With 20+ years of business ownership experience, Leigh and Teriann (Ted) Matheson can be the right choice for Parent Boss couples.


Our approach in our Mastermind is different. You are one person with one life, and we believe that all parts have to work together for you to get the most out of life and for it to feel seamless.

That is why we focus on both parts of your life, business and home, so you get results in both areas.

We are particular about our niche – Parents who have children living at home. They own a business that employs staff, and it is the main income for one or both of the parents and their annual turnover is 6 or 7 figures.

Together they are time poor, looking to improve their work life balance and their crucial relationships. They’re desperate to stop feeling like they are constantly rushing from one thing to another, trying to keep it all under control.

We work with them as a couple to ease the pressure both in their business and at home, to get them sharing the mental load of their life, to work as a team and to enjoy the time & money freedom a good business gives to their family.


Click here for more information about our Mastermind and whether this is a good choice for you. https://parentbosslife.com/mastermind/


Being particular about this niche means that it will be easier for you to connect with other Parent Bosses like yourself. This means you have a support network that is valuable to you that much faster.

Both separately and together, we have been running businesses for over 20 years, in 2 different countries, so our experience is extensive and varied.

We understand the need to have a profitable business and are committed to making that business less reliant on you for the day to day running.


We also have 3 kidlets, with little family support (not because of bad relationships, only because of geography and age), so we are very focused on spending both quality time and having large quantities of time with them. We know their time living at home with us is finite.

Creating a community of Parent Bosses, so you can get support from people living the same life as you is an extremely high priority for us. They will have the focus on both areas of their life and making it blend well together, so if this is your focus, then this is the support for you.


The investment to work with us is $3000 for 90 days, with a full pay bonus for those paying up front. We have deliberately chosen this price to be in the middle of the support available.

If we are too cheap, we feel people may not wholly commit to the process, as they may perceive its cheap. They think cheap doesn’t really give a result. It does.


And if we were too expensive, then everyday businesses that may be under pressure and who need the help, might not be able to afford to work with us.

It was an amount that we thought most 6 and 7 figure businesses could afford for a 3 month period to get real results. Lastly as business training, it is able to be claimed as a business expense.




Mum Groups:


Don’t allow men to join. So good or bad, you’ll be in it on your own.

One of main complaints in the FB feeds of groups like this, is that women don’t feel supported at home. So while working on your business is good, it doesn’t encourage you working as a team. Or sharing the mental load with your partner.


Often these groups have a general platform, where you can’t get 1:1 attention. Some do offer further opportunities to work with their founder, but most don’t. If this is important to you, then you’ll need to see which group has this component you’re after.


There are bad apples everywhere. You may find some unhappy people in these groups if you believe articles such as this one:



You might find women who are also proud to be a mumpreneur, like the lady in this article:


It will be a melting pot of all kinds of mums in different businesses. It may take a little time for you to wade your way everyone to find ‘your people.’


Business coaching:


They focus on your business. They aim to get you time back. All this is good.

It’s not clear from their websites if they discuss working as a team with your spouse. We’re not sure if they talk about sharing the mental load.


If that is important to you, so that you feel more connected with your spouse and you aren’t under so much pressure at home, then you need to ask them if they cover that in your discovery call with them.

Depending on who you use this can be expensive. The better known they are, the more you will pay. So do you go a cheaper option and maybe you won’t get the results? This will be up to you and part of your due diligence but something to keep in mind.


“Live your Parent Boss Life” Mastermind”:


And what about us? What are the cons of working with us?

If you are looking for a big community, then we won’t be the right choice for you.

We are new to building a mastermind, so our community is very small now. It will change over time, as we are committed to building it. However if that is your number 1 reason for getting support, then we won’t be the right fit.


We are committed to working with couples. We want people to feel better about their whole lives.

Their core relationship, their kidlets, their business, everything and we believe to do that, you have to work together. If you don’t, then you aren’t on the same page at the same time working towards the same goal. You will be out of step.


If you can’t get your significant other to commit with you, then again, we won’t be the best choice for you.

You’re better off to work on yourself and what you can control and then get your partner on board after. This will be frustrating for sure, but at least you yourself will be gaining momentum and moving forward.


To wrap up..


We hope that you have found this comparison article helpful. We have tried hard to be open and transparent about our business, while making sure that we offer as much knowledge about the other options as we can. At the end of the day, you will know which support will be best for you.


At Parent Boss Life, we are committed to working with Parent Boss couples.

We take those who are tired of being stressed, rushed and wondering if they can really get work life balance, and move them to a place where they have a rich family life and a profitable business.


If you think we are the right choice for you, then go ahead and schedule a call with us. You can get to know us, we can get to know you and we can see if we’re the best support for you.